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ToXiCx313, Apr 12, 13 6:37 AM.
The T4, T3 and T2 raids have been added to the other website ( so from now on, please register on that page so we can continue with signup there for the raids etc. THX

Luxuria being recreated

CDM@N, Apr 11, 13 4:46 PM.

Luxuria league is being recreated. All players interested to play with us, contact Misis Lucky, Zhyna, DPS Villain, Benny, bluntik,  Mictlante, Darko or Dragan (neonsy) to join Chaotic Insanity.
Reason is simple: all of luxurian leaders arent in game so luxuria is without ingame leader. 

so far we will be using this site for raid signups....but working on new site.

Cheers Misis Lucky

Announcing Origin Crisis!

CulayTL, Apr 10, 13 1:44 PM.
Update3: Ladies first: after talking about the new gear we didn´t want to leave it all to your imagination - so here it comes! [Desmonemo] Check This!
Update2: Origin Crisis coverage continues on Massively with a more in depth look at the upcoming DLC Pack. Read This!
Update1: Don't forget to read Jens´ producers letter:


Heroes and Villains Wage War Across Time With Batman and Lex Luthor in Game’s Next DLC Pack


Munich, April 10, 2013 ProSiebenSat.1 Games and Sony Online Entertainment, LLC (SOE) today announced the next chapter in the DC Universe™ Online (DCUO) story – Origin Crisis. DCUO’s seventh downloadable content (DLC) pack will offer new high-level multiplayer and solo adventures, and send players battling through time and alternate realities with Batman or Lex Luthor as they attempt to save or alter the origins of important Heroes and Villains. Origin Crisis will also introduce DCUO’s newest power set – Quantum! The new DLC will be available in May for download on the PC and PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system.

“It is really interesting to explore ‘what if’ scenarios, and we cannot wait for our players to experience the twists Origin Crisis will introduce to the story in DCUO,” said Jens Andersen, Creative Director, DC Universe Online. “In this DLC, players will travel through time to play out alternate histories and futures. What would happen to Metropolis if Superman worked for Lex Luthor? What if Bruce Wayne became an evil assassin instead of a vigilante? These are the stories and realities that the players will experience and influence.”

Origin Crisis offers players a fresh narrative with increased thrills and dangers. Brainiac has been defeated, but the war is not over. This new chapter will offer Heroes and Villains an array of adventures through new Raids and Operations asFuture Lex Luthor and Future Batman wage a war through time and the very fabric of reality. The two will muster their forces in an attempt to change foundational events in the lives of iconic characters and alter their futures. As the story unfolds, players will have access to an assortment of new multiplayer adventures and solo simulations.

Origin Crisis will feature:

New Quantum Controller Power Set – Manipulate time, control gravity and twist the very fabric of space itself!
  • Two challenging new Raids
  • Two new Hero Origin Operations
  • Two new Villain Origin Operations
  • Iconic Anomalies – Two new Solo Simulation Challenges
  • New Gear, including Tier 5 PvE Gear and new Iconic-inspired Gear
  • New Feats, Collections and Trophies

DCUO’s Origin Crisis DLC pack will be a free download for the game’s Legendary members and will be available for purchase to Free and Premium players via the in-game Marketplace.

DCUO is licensed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment on behalf of DC Entertainment. For more information about DCUO, visit

@DPS Villain

Maintenance: 09.08.13 / 13.00 CEST - 17.00 CEST

CulayTL, Apr 8, 13 9:06 AM.

We will perform maintenance beginning at 13:00 CEST on April 9, 2013.

We expect this maintenance to take approximately 4 hours.

@DPS Villain

Friday Night Legends: Episode 1!

CulayTL, Apr 5, 13 6:57 AM.
Join us tonight for Episode 1 of Friday Night Legends! The stream starts at 1:00 CET on Twitch.

@DPS Villain

App for iPhone with maps

CDM@N, Mar 27, 13 2:33 PM.
DCUO Maps for iPhone (name of app)
It is for Free in appstore.

Link for appstore

Some Screens:
iPhone Screenshot 1 iPhone Screenshot 2 iPhone Screenshot 3

NEW on the Marketplace! - 26/03/13

CulayTL, Mar 26, 13 10:06 AM.

New Lair Theme - Tech!

The Tech Lair is now available! Stay on the cutting edge of science with the Tech Lair! The greatest minds of the DC Universe all need the appropriate space for laboratories and experiments, and if you’re an aspiring mad scientist or inventor, you do too! And don’t worry – if you need a few more hands when working on your projects, the Back-Up and Henchmen that come with the Tech Lair are Scientists!

Unlimited Escrow Access: 7 Days!

Free and Premium players with financial woes in-game will welcome this new Marketplace item. Need a little more cash for today’s (or tomorrow’s) repair bill? Need a few more Soder Colas? Maybe you want to splurge on that expensive item you’ve been saving for on the in-game Broker? If you have cash above your cap in escrow, just out of reach, now you can reach it! Purchase the 7 day Unlimited Escrow Access token in the Marketplace and enjoy complete access to all your in-game cash for the next 7 days. Unlimited Escrow Access: 7 Days costs just 500 SevenCash.

Remember, players with a Legendary Membership always enjoy unlimited access to their in-game cash.

@DPS Villain

GU 24 - hotfix 0.1 + 1.1

CDM@N, Mar 21, 13 4:15 AM.
  • The welcome screen has been updated to reflect changes in Game Update 24.

  • The Sparkly Rainbow base item can now be traded

  • Ranked Matchmaking: Adjusted the way that matches are formed to help reduce wait time for players on the extreme ends of the rank scale.
Hand of Fate

In the following missions, players will no longer be blocked from progression due to stubborn doors 
  • Villain: Malpractice Claim (side mission)
  • Hero: Overzealous Security (side mission)
  • Hero: Psychosomatic Illness (Mission/Challenge)
  • Villain: Under a Red Sun Lamp (Mission/Challenge)

Update Connectivity issues - 18/03/13

CulayTL, Mar 19, 13 5:20 AM.

Dear Community,

During the last days ProSiebenSat.1 Games and our alaplaya portal suffered network issues related to an apparent distributed denial of service attack (DDos). This resulted in degraded service for all players. In computing, a distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS attack) is an attempt to make a machine or network resource unavailable to its intended users.

No user data was at risk at any time. We have restored full access to the site as well as for the games for all players, and are continuing to monitor the situation to ensure that players have the fast and reliable experience they’ve come to expect.

Thank you for your understanding and apologize the trouble caused.

@DPS Villain

Next in DC Universe Online

CDM@N, Mar 13, 13 8:05 AM.
Origin Crisis, our next and largely PvE-focused DLC Pack, is fast approaching, but before we start down that road, I wanted to take a moment to share with you our plans for PvP in 2013. Some of these have been underway for some time, while others are still just beginning to be worked on. We're very excited about what these plans will accomplish, but we also want feedback from your perspective.

I'll outline the high level goals in this announcement and then pass the discussion along to some of the developers working on the systems. To that end, I will share links to a series of discussion on the forums for you to get involved in. Please drop by and give us some feedback on the individual topics. We want it to be clear that while PvE is the focus of our DLC Packs this year, PvP is still a major focus. In fact, PvP is vital, and overall for the year it is our goal to make several improvements to the PvP experience.

What We Have Done So Far
Ranked Matchmaking

Some of you have probably already begun to notice the effects of Ranked Matchmaking, since this system has actually been running on the live servers since February 26th. Our goal is to provide a more balanced and competitive experience when using the On Duty menu to find PvP matches. Ranked Matchmaking has been collecting match results and using them to assemble more balanced teams and matches. This feature is not only likely to provide a better match up, but it also ensures a better chance for victory.

What´s Next
In no particular order - they´e all interconnected

Arranged Matchmaking

Continuing our goal to make PvP more competitive, we are working on an Arranged Matchmaking system. Our players have been requesting a way to bypass the On Duty queues and just play against another group of friends, or rivals, and this will deliver on that. We expect this to be an exciting tool for our entire community to use to train, to have casual matches with friends, grudge matches with enemies, and to even run your own events. These are some of the key points to the system:
  • Can use any map
  • Will not grant rewards
  • Will not affect Ranked Matchmaking

PvP Progression

Significant adjustments are being made to the way PvP rewards and progression work. We will be introducing a new system of gear progression. Additionally, there will also be a new way of distributing marks for victories in PvP.

The first aspect to announce is a new approach to gear progression. We will be introducing “Seasonal Gear” [name subject to change]. The introduction of a new season of gear signals the start of a new series of PvP tiers. When a season begins, new styles will be introduced, and more powerful stats will be incorporated into the gear. This new season’s gear replaces the last season’s (meaning there are always a set number of tiers to collect each season before maxing out.) This accomplishes a few things. Most notably, it allows players to continue progressing without making PvP power gaps grow exponentially. It also gives players a "fresh start" on a regular basis, which will tie in to another long term objective down the road.

The second aspect is the way rewards are distributed in PvP. Mark rewards will be overhauled when this new system is put into place. There will be two rewards - a daily and a weekly. Each will be locked when a victory is achieved on the map. There is no consolation reward for losing any longer in this system. This will mean adjusting prices on vendors to reflect the new mark accumulation rate.

Map Rotation

To ensure that we can continue to add new maps and game modes for players to enjoy, we must initiate a PvP map 
scheduler - a rotation of maps - or we will find the community spread too thin. This will mean reducing the number 
of PvP maps available each day, but swapping them out on a regular basis to provide a faster queuing system and a 
fresh series of maps to enjoy for that window. The basic idea is to have:
  • maps in rotation
  • Categories based on Group size (1,2,4,5, & 8)
  • Maps change out cyclically

This system will allow us to continue to expand and add to our roster of PvP maps without adversely affecting queue times or progression. It also allows us to add new maps very easily, both locations and new game modes.

Developer Discussions

If you would like to ask any questions or share your thoughts on one of these specific topics, please follow the links below and join our developers on the forums. While these changes are far reaching, they are building blocks for even more exciting features and development down the road. We look forward to sharing those with you after our current efforts are complete.
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